1. Spread the word

    Our strength is in our numbers. The more people from around the world who sign to show their support for intercultural student exchange programs, the more effective our petition. Please tell your friends, family, and colleagues about this initiative and ask them to sign the petition.

    Send your friends a message

    Thank you for spreading the word for the petition. Once you filled out the following form, we will send the following message to your friend (or simply copy the message and paste it in an e-mail):

    Dear friends,
    Intercultural exchange programs teach teenagers all over the world 
    that our concerns are global. An exchange experience fosters mutual 
    understanding that can help bridge our differences and lead to peace. 
    Please join me and sign the petition drive to help create a new generation 
    of global citizens,    
    Thank you!
  2. Encourage families to host students

    Did you know that the world can fit into your home? You can find out how by hosting an exchange student from another country.

    Many kinds of host families open their homes to young exchange students. Some are families with teenagers; others have young children or children who have already left home, or no children at all. Some hosts are married, some are single.

    Host families live on farms, in small towns, in suburbs, and in city apartments. They are of all races and nationalities and work in all professions. They are people who are willing to take time to share their lives with a new son or daughter.

    Hosting creates friendships that last a lifetime— often with another family in a different part of the world. Hosts also benefit from friendships with people who have an international perspective and by participating in activities sponsored by exchange organizations.

    Spread the word about the advantages of being a host family. Contact a local or international youth exchange organization to find out how they work with host families.

  3. Go on an exchange program

    Maybe you would like to go on an exchange program or you know someone who would. We encourage you to research your options on the Internet, go to the library, ask your friends, teachers, and staff at your school about reputable and established youth exchange programs in your country. Find out as much as you can about different programs. Call or visit the organizations that offer such programs and read their mission statements to find out what they are all about.

    When you return from your exchange program, spread the word and let others know about your experience.

  4. Volunteer

    Many people who have participated in student exchanges further their intercultural experience by volunteering.

    Many exchange programs eagerly seek out volunteers to help them achieve their ambitious goals. Volunteers are young and old, men and women, busy professionals and retirees, students, and teachers.

    While helping others, volunteers also experience the value of intercultural communication, develop and practice language skills, leadership, and professional skills, and participate in community activities. Many exchange organizations provides life-long development and training opportunities for their volunteers.

    Learn! Go! Get Involved! It will change you and your perspective on the world.

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