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A conversation among friends from around the world is a great way to begin spreading peace. Start now by answering one or all of the questions below or by joining the dialogue of others who have already shared their answers.

  1. What do you think needs to happen for the world to achieve peace?
  2. If you traveled to another country or went on an exchange program, tell us where you went and how that experience changed your perspective on the world?
  3. Do you agree with the statement “International youth exchanges promote peace.” Why?

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  1. the world became harmonyand peace
  2. i did not go,if i go i will share my country culture to they culture
  3. yes, because the youth will share they knowledge and they cultural to another country.

Apr 29, 2008, contributed by pratap, Malaysia

  1. I believe the world needs to think of people individually and not just as inhabitants of a country. When a country is in war with an other, it's the abstract idea of "country" that is in conflict. When there's peace, it's every person who is at peace with every other. We need to understand that a country is not just the economical, political or religious interests it represents, but children, families, elderly people, honest and interesting people with whom we could get along very well.
  2. I have never been on an exchange program, but I'd love to.
  3. Yes, I completely agree. Young people are tomorrow's leaders, and if they visit other cultures, and they come to understand how great diversity is, they will be good leaders who will put peace in the first place.

Apr 28, 2008, contributed by Agustina Gimbatti, Argentina

  1. through the un conduct a global survey of the following question: When do you think the world will achieve peace. Peace defined as not being in any military conflict and have no territorial disputes. Never and later than 2055 though not count. choose the median date and adopt as the un target date to achieve peace. Peace should become a tangeable achievable goal not some unrealistic dream. I run a test of this exercis with a group of about 20 and the date was 2055.
  2. i came to the us from tunisia and met jews, chirstians, and budhists that made me grow in peace with myself and the world
  3. i agree. personal interaction outside ones' confort zone is always bound to help...

Apr 27, 2008, contributed by abdelkader labidi, Tunisia

  1. People from the different parts of the world should think as one.For that to happen, people should deeply understand one another and tolerate differences.Hopefully, they can genuinely strive for global understanding and world peace.
  2. My experience in Japan validated my idea that while we do things differently but we basically value the same things like respect, love, etc. Before, I used to think that when they do things differently they were wrong. All I needed was a little understanding to see that they were right too. Indeed, nothing's wrong...only different.
  3. Yes, they do. When people meet in person they get to see things up close. The personal interaction among people from different parts of the world brings a deeper level of understanding.

Apr 27, 2008, contributed by Coco Chanel Garcia, Philippines

  1. * people should understand that nature, humans and their needs are more important than economy: Why are people killed for oil? Why are medicines so expensive in poor countries although they need them as much as we in the "first world" do? *understand that war does not solve any problem * be aware, understand and conserve your own culture and as a result be able to understand other cultures and their differences to your own * learn more languages but not mix them too much with your own * do more cultural travels and speak with local people instead of just laying on the beach *donate money for poor countries or sponsor a third world child / institution etc * find friends from other countries * include other countries more in school education: Here in Germany for example we only study German history, literature and so on I think there are lots more
  2. I did a 12 months exchange to Argentina and it changed my perspective completely. There for the first time of my life I realized what poverty really meant. Since then I'm also questioning the sense of all the luxury we do have here. So I learnt that all people have the same value and that it does not depend on their money (or their parent's money). But I also don't have anymore any fear of contact with people from other countries... It's just the same as with German people (: i can also accept foreign habits easily and do not say "that's strange... isn't it? How can they..." and other similar things.
  3. I don't know. I think there are more ways to achieve a peaceful world. Imagine a world where all people would do youth exchanges. It would be a big chaos. Nevertheless I think that most ex exchangees are a bit different from other young people. They're more aware of the world around them. I mean, other cultures AND the own one. At least that's happening to me...

Apr 27, 2008, contributed by Nora, Germany

  1. the world needs genuine love and sincere understanding on the different cultures and traditions.
  2. I was an Ex-student to CA, USA and that experienced made me think that nothing is imposible when their is better understanding to the individualities of the different countries.
  3. i guess yes!!! tru that experience, I found answers to those many questions about the different cultures around the world.

Apr 26, 2008, contributed by alma, Philippines

  1. Understand that talking is a wonderful way to solve problems and there is no reason to be in competition one with the other... at the end, however, we are all different!!! just accept this!!!
  2. i am in the US... this experience is changing my life because i have learned how to not judge things and how to accept that also if i dont like them or dont understand them.
  3. yes, because they give you a value of peace since you are young and they make you understand how peace is really important in life. they give you the desire to change this world for a better one.. a world of peace!!! =]

Apr 25, 2008, contributed by Francesca, Italy

  1. new teaching methods, one that teach us to be responsible for our acts
  2. i'm in exchange in another country because it's an eye-opening experience and you get to know yourself
  3. yeah because after that, you stop being hostile and you are much more open-minded, accept different points of views

Apr 25, 2008, contributed by Max, Chile

  1. gente alrededor del mundo deberia estudiar respecto a otras culturas. mediante educacion, entendimiento y tolerancia pueden ser alcanzados. en ese aspecto, programas de intercambio son una excelente forma de, literalmente, aprender a ver el mundo con otros ojos, compartir nuestras similitudes y celebrar nuestras diferencias
  2. ahora estoy participando de un programa de intercambio en inglaterra. durante mi estadia aca, he aprendido de muchas experiancias, que me han hecho crecer a nivel personal y social. este tipo de experiancia de hace dejar de ser expectador de que es lo que esta pasando en el mundo, y mas aun querer hacer algo por el
  3. si, yo apoyo plenamente que con programas de intercambio la paz puede ser alcanzada, pues aprendiendo de otras culturas, viviendo en medio de otra gente una tiene la oportunidad de entender, y entendimiento es el primer paso para alcanzar la paz

Apr 25, 2008, contributed by Lorena A. Corvalan, Chile

  1. People need to be more open-minded and have a better understanding of each other. We also need to remember to RESPECT the opinions and beliefs of those around us, even if they differ from our own. Peace will never be achieved in this world if we can't learn to compromise and understand each other.
  2. I went to France for a year as an exchange student and it completely changed my outlook on life. It made me realize that the world is an enormous place with millions of possibilities for change and amelioration. Each one of us may seem small in our own circle, but if everyone works together we can make great things happen. The world is a more globalized place now, and my exchange helped me to understand that.
  3. Yes, I do agree with that statement. Giving the youth a chance to interact with people from a different culture broadens their perspective and creates stronger feelings of empathy. We learn that we are all sharing this world.

Apr 24, 2008, contributed by Lorraine , United States

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